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School Council Elections!

Posted by ks1blog on October 13, 2016

This week has been very exciting as for the first time Key stage One and Key stage Two have voted like adults at the polling station. Speeches were delivered from the candidates and on Wednesday the 12th October 2016 we find out the results and the winners from each class will be announced!

 An Interesting Day…

On Thursday 6th October 2016 Year Two had a visit from Daisy the guinea pig for the day. She helped them with their writing and in return the Year Twos helped to look after her!

House Points:

Kodiak Bears: 279 house points

Killer Whales: 192 house points

Golden Eagles: 212 house points

Bengal Tigers: 191 house points

Well done to the Kodiak Bears who finally broke the Bengal Tiger’s winning streak!


Let’s shine a light on this week’s attendance figures!

Foundation Stage Two: 96.6% (5th with 2 lates)

Year One: 97% (3rd)

Year Two: 97.6% (2nd)

Year Three: 96.6% (4th with no lates)

Year Four: 92.9% (6th)

Year Five: 92.6% (7th. Come On)

Year Six: 98% (1st. Well Done)

It’s been a great week for Year Six and by the look of the registers, they’re on their way to another victory! The week average for the whole school was 95.9%, just below our target of 96%.

It’s been a great week and we’ll update you more next week!


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Salvation Army Visit

Posted by ks2blog on October 13, 2016

‘The Salvation Army’

This week, six Year Six children had the opportunity to go down to ‘The Salvation Army’ in ‘Market Street’. The man from the ‘Salvation Army’ showed us around and the Year Sixes got to label the expiry dates on the food. Also, they showed us where they store all of your food donations on the shelves and the Year Sixes got to pick up one tin of food and place it on the shelves in the right place.

Remember if you gave a donation you are a superhero!

School Council

On Tuesday 11th October, all children year 1 and up went into the ‘Community Room’ (‘Polling Station’) to place a vote for their chosen candidate. They each had to choose a boy and a girl from each class that represented all the Homelands Values. Every candidate was very excited and were very eager to be a school councillor and to represent the school as well as their class as best as they can.

House Points

Kodiak Bears: 297 House Points (1st Place! Well done!)

Killer Whales: 192 House Points (3rd Place, try harder next time!)

Golden Eagles: 212 House Points (2nd place, good try!)

Bengal Tigers: 191 House Points (4th place! Come on!)

Attendance IMG_0810 (21)

Foundation Stage Two: 96.6% (5th with two lates)

Year One: 97% (3rd)

Year Two: 97.6% (2nd)

Year Three: 96.6% (joint 4th)

Year Four: 92.9% (6th)

Year Five: 92.6% (7th)

Year Six: 98% (1st)

Average: 95.9% (5th)

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Harvest Week!

Posted by ks2blog on October 5, 2016

This week was Harvest Week! We had lots of donations of tinned and packet food.  Thank you to all of you who brought something in. On Monday 3rd October, in assembly the children had a visitor come in from the Salvation Army and he talked about sharing and being a food super hero!

We are also having a School Council election.  So on Monday all the candidates gave their speech’s to the rest of the class! Good luck to all candidates!. There will more information next week!

On Friday, in the assembly the house points were revealed. In forth place with 240 points were the Killer Whales, in third place were the Golden Eagles with 313 points, in second place with 381 were the Kodiak Bears and in first place, with a six points difference, were the Bengal Tigers with 387! Congratulations! Come on Killer Whales and Golden Eagles you can do it!

We also have the attendance scores:

1st place, Reception (F2) with 99.3%

2nd place, Year 2 with 98.6%

3rd place, Year 5 with 96.6%

4th place, Year 6 with 96.3%

5th place, Year 1 with 96%

6th place, Year 3 with 92.3%

and finally, Year 4 with 88.1%

We will be back with more information next week!



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St Marychurch visit!

Posted by ks1blog on September 29, 2016

Year One and Two were lucky enough to have a visit each to St Marychurch this week! Year Two visited on Wednesday 21st September and Year One visited on Thursday 22nd September. They had a lovely time looking at all the different houses and shops that were around and it was a lovely day to have a walk- sunny with a bit of cloud.

House Points

House points this week have gone down a bit since last week. We’ve got the figures here:

Killer Whales-142 House Points

Golden Eagles-153 House Points

Kodiak Bears-190 House Points

Bengal Tigers-212 House Points

Well done to the Bengal Tigers who have won the House Cup for two weeks running!


Sadly, the attendance this week hasn’t been very good, as Year Six unfortunately didn’t manage to reach our goal of 96%. The results were as follows:

Foundation Stage Two-99.3% (2nd Place)

Year One-97% (6th Place with one late)

Year Two-100% (1st Place. Well Done!)

Year Three-97% (5th Place)

Year Four-98.5% (3rd Place)

Year Five-97.6% (4th Place)

Year Six-92.6% (7th Place. Come on!)

Well done to everyone!

It’s been a great week and we’ll update you with more next week!

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House points quiz!

Posted by ks2blog on September 28, 2016

On Thursday 22nd September, a house points quiz was held in the hall. The quiz was about England and was quite challenging for some people. Mrs Taylor was the organizer of the quiz and each and every house team enjoyed it. Bengal Tigers the were the very lucky winners of this quiz.  Well done!

The house point winners for last week were the Bengal Tigers, with a score of 212, in second place were the Kodiak Bears with a score of 190, in 3rd place were the Golden Eagles with a score of 153.  The Killer Whales were unfortunately in last place with a score of 142!

Congratulations to all of the teams for trying hard to get points!!!


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Clubs have started now!

Posted by ks1blog on September 22, 2016

It’s our second week back and we seem to be getting back into the swing of school. Clubs have started; Singing Assembly is back and Year Three have had their first Key Stage Two Assembly. How exciting! There are several clubs that have begun including Cookery Club, Performing Arts and Netball. People have enjoyed lots of these clubs and we found that as a pattern all over the school! Well done to the fabulous people who run these clubs and good luck to the boys in Year 5 and Year 6 who took part in the football trials.


Year Six won the attendance cup with 100% but shared it with Year One as they only had one child late. The week average was 98.8%, smashing our target of 96%.

How amazing!

There’s been a big step up for the Foundation Stage Two children as they have graduated from half days to full days! Last week, they were only in mornings and lunchtime. They ate with their mums but now they are in the hall on their own, something great for them! They start in the big playground in a couple of weeks. Here’s hoping they thoroughly enjoy their time at Homelands!

It’s been a great week and we’ll give you more news next week!

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Posted by ks2blog on September 22, 2016

Welcome back to the second week of school, this week so far we have had some new clubs starting including Netball and Football. Everyone has had a good time and enjoyed having Mrs Clarke and Mrs Herrera children from Year 6 have said they really had a lot of fun doing netball on Tuesday 19th September. Also, Year Six won the attendance cup which was shared with Year One.

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First Week Back!

Posted by ks1blog on September 15, 2016

Everybody in Key Stage One has thoroughly enjoyed their first week back. There has been a change with the teachers as Miss Shorland is now the Year One teacher. Attendance however, wasn’t very good, as Year One and Year Two didn’t manage to reach our 96% attendance goal.

On Wednesday 14th September, Collette (from the NSPCC) came for an assembly talking about keeping safe.

One of our pupils from Year One said, “I have had so much fun and I have really enjoyed having Miss Shorland!”

Another one of our pupils from Year One said, “I’ve had fun and my favourite bit was gymnastics!”

A Year Two pupil commented, “I’ve had fun and my favourite bit was Mrs Maskell!”

Another Year Two said, “I’ve had fun and I like Mrs Maskell!”

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Welcome Back!

Posted by ks2blog on September 15, 2016

On Wednesday 14th September Homelands Primary School had a visitor from the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.) She came to talk to us in an assembly about abuse, bullying and what’s right and wrong! She came to visit each year group individually too!

We also have two new teachers, Mr Hobson joined year 3 and Miss Silcock joined year 5!

Children from year 3 have said that they think Mr Hobson is nice and they have enjoyed their time with him!

Children from year 5 have commented that they think Mrs Silcock is fun and they are having a lovely time with her!

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Welcome to Our Blog

Posted by homelandsprimaryschool on June 9, 2016

The word blog stands for ‘web log’.

A ‘blog’ is effectively an online diary.

Welcome to our new blog site.  Over the next few terms our children will be contributing to our blog community.

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